Strategy: NostalgiaForInfinityV5MultiOffsetAndHO
Downloaded: 20220115
Stoploss: -0.99

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Ninja Score: 62
The NostalgiaForInfinityV5MultiOffsetAndHO strategy is a multi-offset and higher order strategy used for backtesting trading strategies. In the "populate_indicators" method, the strategy populates the indicators required for analysis. It merges the informative 1-hour indicators with the given timeframe indicators, ensuring that missing values are filled using forward filling.

The "populate_buy_trend" method defines various buy conditions based on different indicators and parameters.

These conditions are evaluated to determine whether a buy signal should be generated.

Some of the important conditions include checking moving average crossovers, safe dips and pumps, relative strength index (RSI) values, volume thresholds, Bollinger Bands, and exponential moving averages (EMA). The strategy considers multiple buy conditions (numbered 1 to 10), and if any of these conditions are met, a buy signal is generated. Overall, the strategy combines multiple technical indicators and conditions to identify potential buying opportunities in the market.

startup_candle_count : 300
ema_100_1h: -0.001%
ema_200_1h: -0.187%
ema_100: 0.003%
ema_200: -0.004%
ewo: -1.064%
t3_offset_buy: -0.009%
stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 4d81ea333efe82fe33418de882828abaf285d14df7dd029145bab5fea3449cda
sma_200_1h upper ema_200 ema_50 safe_dips
safe_pump_24_loose_1h close safe_pump_36 ema_15 tail
sma_5 safe_pump_36_strict chop bb_lowerband safe_pump_24_strict
mfi safe_pump_48_strict ema_200_1h sma ema
trima t3 kama bbdelta ewo
safe_pump_36_strict_1h safe_pump_24 volume low_offset ema_100_1h
i_offset_buy closedelta ema_20 high_offset open
safe_pump_36_loose safe_dips_loose safe_pump_24_1h safe_dips_strict volume_mean_30
ema_50_1h bb_upperband_1h sma_200 safe_pump_48_loose volume_mean_4

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