Strategy: NostalgiaForInfinityNext_223
Downloaded: 20220116
Stoploss: -0.99

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Ninja Score: 65
The NostalgiaForInfinityNext strategy is designed for backtesting trading strategies. It includes various steps and indicators to analyze and make buying decisions based on market data. Here is a breakdown of its key components: populate_indicators: This method populates the indicators used in the strategy.

It fetches Bitcoin (BTC) data on different timeframes (5 minutes, 1 hour) and merges it with the current timeframe.

It also includes informative timeframes and resampling to another timeframe.

populate_buy_trend: This method determines the conditions for buying assets based on the indicators. It includes multiple sets of conditions (buy_01, buy_02, buy_03), each with its own set of protections and logic. The protections involve various indicators such as exponential moving averages (EMA), simple moving averages (SMA), and safe dips/pumps. The logic includes comparisons with RSI (Relative Strength Index), MFI (Money Flow Index), Bollinger Bands, and volume. The triggers for buying are calculated based on these conditions. Overall, the NostalgiaForInfinityNext strategy combines different indicators and conditions to generate buy signals for trading assets.

stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 6a46e802b36a2ad7a510daf773b344f39500a351384262aca79546e97fe080de
sell_pump_36_3_1h sma_200_1h upper safe_pump_24_30 close
ema_15 sell_pump_36_2 sma_5 sell_pump_24_1_1h buy_22_trigger
ema_200_1h ewo buy_17_trigger safe_pump_24_100 volume
rsi_4 sma_200_dec_20 buy_09_trigger safe_pump_24_120 safe_dips_70
sell_pump_36_1_1h ema_20 buy_21_trigger safe_pump_48_30 safe_pump_48_100_1h
oc_pct_change_48 sell_pump_48_1_1h high tpct_change_2 safe_dips_30
sell_pump_48_3 safe_pump_48_10 safe_dips_80 rsi_1h bb20_2_mid
ema_12 tpct_change_12 safe_pump_48_50 sell_pump_48_2 safe

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