Strategy: NostalgiaForInfinityNext_919
Downloaded: 20220116
Stoploss: -0.99

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Ninja Score: 65
The NostalgiaForInfinityNext strategy is a trading strategy implemented in a backtesting website. Here is a brief description of what the strategy does: The strategy first populates indicators for the Bitcoin (BTC) base timeframe (5 minutes) and informative timeframe (1 hour). It retrieves the BTC/USDT price data and calculates various indicators based on the timeframe.

The strategy then merges the BTC indicators with the original dataframe.

Next, it checks if there is an informative timeframe specified.

If so, it calculates informative indicators based on the original timeframe and merges them with the dataframe. Similarly, if a resampled timeframe is specified, the strategy resamples the dataframe to the desired timeframe and calculates resampled indicators. The resampled dataframe is then merged with the original dataframe. Finally, the strategy calculates indicators for the normal (5 minutes) timeframe and returns the modified dataframe. In the populate_buy_trend function, the strategy defines conditions and logic for determining buy signals. It sets up a list of buy protection parameters and buy logic conditions based on various indicators such as moving averages, relative strength index (RSI), money flow index (MFI), Bollinger Bands, volume, etc. The strategy uses these conditions to generate buy signals. Please note that the provided code snippet is incomplete, and there may be additional components or logic that are not included.

stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 6536e8818a9aceb7c792ec9ec0e58d88ce31f1875856a7808bd59cd4e53e2425
sell_pump_36_3_1h sma_200_1h upper safe_pump_type safe_pump_24_30
close ema_15 sell_pump_36_2 sma_5 sell_pump_24_1_1h
safe_pump_period ema_200_1h safe_dump_50 ewo sma200_rising_val
r_480_1h safe_pump_24_100 volume rsi_4 sma_200_dec_20
safe_pump_24_120 safe_dips_70 sell_pump_36_1_1h ema_20 safe_pump_48_30
safe_pump_48_100_1h oc_pct_change_48 sell_pump_48_1_1h high tpct_change_2
safe_dips_30 r_480 sell_pump_48_3 safe_pump_48_10 safe_dips_80
rsi_1h crossed_below_ema_12_26 low_5 bb20_2_mid ema_12

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