Strategy: ElliotV4_984
Downloaded: 20220116
Stoploss: -0.325

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Ninja Score: 62
The ElliotV4 strategy is a trading strategy that uses various technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals. In the populate_indicators function, the strategy calculates and populates several indicators, including ADX, Plus Directional Movement (+DM), Plus Directional Indicator (+DI), Minus Directional Movement (-DM), Minus Directional Indicator (-DI), Aroon indicators (aroonup, aroondown, aroonosc), Awesome Oscillator (ao), Keltner Channels (kc_upperband, kc_lowerband, kc_middleband, kc_percent, kc_width), Ultimate Oscillator (uo), Commodity Channel Index (cci), Relative Strength Index (rsi), Fisher Transform of RSI (fisher_rsi, fisher_rsi_norma), Stochastic Oscillator (slowd, slowk), Stochastic Fast (fastd, fastk), Stochastic RSI (fastd_rsi, fastk_rsi), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (macd, macdsignal, macdhist), Money Flow Index (mfi), Rate of Change (roc), Bollinger Bands (bb_lowerband, bb_middleband, bb_upperband, bb_percent, bb_width), Parabolic SAR (sar), Triple Exponential Moving Average (tema), Hilbert Transform - Sine Wave (htsine, htleadsine), Candlestick Patterns (CDLHAMMER, CDLINVERTEDHAMMER, CDLDRAGONFLYDOJI, CDLPIERCING, CDLMORNINGSTAR, CDL3WHITESOLDIERS, CDLHANGINGMAN, CDLSHOOTINGSTAR, CDLGRAVESTONEDOJI, CDLDARKCLOUDCOVER, CDLEVENINGDOJISTAR, CDLEVENINGSTAR, CDL3LINESTRIKE, CDLSPINNINGTOP, CDLENGULFING, CDLHARAMI, CDL3OUTSIDE, CDL3INSIDE), and Heikin-Ashi candlestick transformation (ha_open, ha_close, ha_high, ha_low). In the populate_buy_trend function, the strategy defines the conditions for generating buy signals based on the calculated indicators.

The conditions include criteria such as the close price being below a certain moving average (ma_buy), the EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator) being within a specific range, the RSI (Relative Strength Index) being below a threshold, and the trading volume being greater than zero.

In the populate_sell_trend function, the strategy defines the conditions for generating sell signals based on the calculated indicators.

The condition is that the close price is above a certain moving average (ma_sell) and the trading volume is greater than zero. Overall, the ElliotV4 strategy aims to identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the market by considering various technical indicators and their combinations.

stoploss: -0.325
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 511ae40ea60189a4811fc7f055897d30be68d0ccd8058944f24146c6e15bc529
CDLSPINNINGTOP bb_lowerband bb_percent CDL3WHITESOLDIERS kc_middleband
volume low_offset high fisher_rsi_norma cci
ha_high adx aroonosc minus_dm plus_dm
ewo_high CDLHANGINGMAN ewo_low aroondown ma_sell_val
CDLEVENINGDOJISTAR plus_di ha_open base_nb_candles_buy slowk
macdsignal fastk_rsi minus_di roc lower
rsi sine kc_percent htsine tema
uo mfi kc_width macdhist CDLHAMMER
htleadsine ma_buy_val CDLEVENINGSTAR sar CDL3OUTSIDE
mid fisher_rsi bb_

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