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The "Cluc4werk" strategy is a trading strategy that utilizes various technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals for cryptocurrency trading. Here's a breakdown of its important components: Bollinger Bands: The strategy calculates Bollinger Bands, which consist of a middle band (rolling mean) and an upper and lower band (based on the rolling standard deviation). These bands help identify price volatility and potential trading opportunities.

Indicators: Exponential Moving Average (EMA): A trend-following indicator that smooths out price data to identify price direction.

Rate of Change Ratio (ROCR): Measures the ratio of the current price to a price in the past, indicating the price's momentum.

Volume-related indicators: The strategy uses volume data and moving averages to evaluate trading conditions. Buy Signals: The strategy generates buy signals based on several conditions, including the rate of change, Bollinger Bands, price movements, and volume. The specific conditions for generating buy signals are defined in the populate_buy_trend function. Sell Signals: The strategy generates sell signals based on conditions such as the price surpassing a certain threshold relative to the Bollinger Bands, volume criteria, and price patterns. The specific conditions for generating sell signals are defined in the populate_sell_trend function. Hyperparameters: The strategy includes hyperparameters that can be optimized using a hyperparameter optimization tool like Hyperopt. The hyperparameters determine the threshold values for the buy and sell signals, such as bbdelta-close, rocr-1h, sell-bbmiddle-close, and others. Risk Management: The strategy incorporates risk management features such as a stop-loss level (stoploss) and a trailing stop. The trailing stop allows the strategy to lock in profits as the price moves in a favorable direction. ROI Targets: The strategy defines a minimal ROI (Return on Investment) table that specifies the desired profit percentages at different stages of the trade. For example, the strategy aims for a 1.497% ROI initially, followed by progressively lower targets as the trade progresses. Informative Pairs: The strategy supports informative pairs, where data from a higher timeframe (1 hour) is merged with the current timeframe (1 minute) for additional analysis and decision-making. Overall, the Cluc4werk strategy combines various indicators and conditions to identify potential entry and exit points for cryptocurrency trades. It incorporates risk management techniques and can be fine-tuned by optimizing the hyperparameters to improve performance.

stoploss: -0.02
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 9f4e7aaa40846e3c79b5dd4de309f60ab600cd8cf2e0e826b4e8e600acce9b51
rocr_1h closedeltaclose closebblower closedataframebb_middleband sellbbmiddleclose
close tail bb_lowerband bbdelta volume
bbdeltaclose closedelta rocr volume_mean_slow high
mid bbdeltatail lower rocr1h bb_middleband
ema_slow low

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