Strategy: NFINextMOHO2
Downloaded: 20220116
Stoploss: -0.99

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Ninja Score: 62
The NFINextMOHO2 strategy is a trading strategy that performs backtesting on various trading pairs. Here is a breakdown of what the strategy does: populate_indicators function: Retrieves BTC price data on different timeframes (5 minutes and 1 hour) and calculates indicators for these timeframes. Merges the BTC price data with the original dataframe.

Resamples the dataframe to another timeframe.

Calculates indicators for the normal (5 minutes) timeframe.

populate_buy_trend function: Defines multiple conditions for entering a buy trade. Each condition is based on different indicators and criteria such as moving averages, volume, RSI (Relative Strength Index), Bollinger Bands, etc. The conditions are combined using logical operators (AND) to determine whether a buy trade should be executed. This strategy aims to identify potential buy opportunities based on specific technical analysis indicators and conditions. It uses a combination of indicators from different timeframes and applies various criteria to make buy decisions.

startup_candle_count : 400
ema_200_1h: 0.035%
ema_200: -0.013%
ewo: 1.969%
stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 7aef4cd632c15afbf0fc1147ef0fa188ebe31fcd7d3886a81c281d6cee7a276e
sell_pump_36_3_1h sma_200_1h upper close ema_15
sell_pump_36_2 sma_5 safe_pump_36_strict sell_pump_24_1_1h bb_lowerband
ema_200_1h ewo safe_pump_24 volume rsi_4
sma_200_dec_20 low_offset sell_pump_36_1_1h ema_20 safe_pump_24_1h
oc_pct_change_48 sell_pump_48_1_1h safe_pump_36_1h high tpct_change_2
i_offset_sell sell_pump_48_3 rsi_1h bb20_2_mid ema_12
tpct_change_12 sell_pump_48_2 ema_26 safe_pump_24_strict_1h sell_pump_24_1
safe_pump_24_loose_1h safe_pump_36 chop safe_pump_36_strict_1h sma
ema tr

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