Strategy: CombinedBinHAndClucV7_702
Downloaded: 20220116
Stoploss: -0.26

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Ninja Score: 48
The CombinedBinHAndClucV7 strategy is a trading strategy implemented in a backtesting website. Here's a brief description of what the strategy does: The populate_indicators method populates the indicators used in the strategy. It merges informative 1-hour indicators with the current timeframe indicators and returns the updated dataframe.

The populate_buy_trend method determines the buy conditions for the strategy.

It sets up multiple conditions that need to be satisfied for a buy signal to be generated.

Some of the conditions involve comparing the price and various moving averages, calculating dip thresholds, checking Bollinger Bands, and analyzing volume. If any of the conditions are met, the 'buy' column in the dataframe is set to 1. The populate_sell_trend method determines the sell conditions for the strategy. It sets up conditions that need to be satisfied for a sell signal to be generated. The conditions involve checking the price against the upper Bollinger Band, analyzing the relative strength index (RSI), and volume. If any of the conditions are met, the 'sell' column in the dataframe is set to 1. Overall, the strategy combines multiple technical indicators and conditions to generate buy and sell signals based on the price movement, moving averages, Bollinger Bands, and volume.

stoploss: -0.26
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 09757c2216bd1acd7f45b05178f0a9f3eec1b544db599446662e366086bc6395
sma_200_1h upper ema_200 ema_50 close
sma_5 tail bb_lowerband mfi ema_200_1h
bbdelta volume smaHigh ATR ssl_up
closedelta sslDown open hlv volume_mean_slow
ema_50_1h smaLow sma_200 high sslUp
mid ssl_down_1h ssl_down rsi_1h lower
bb_middleband rsi bb_upperband ema_slow low

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