Strategy: Discord_ichiV1_Marius_fixed
Downloaded: 20220726
Stoploss: -0.275

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The ichiV1_Marius_fixed strategy is a trading strategy that involves the use of various indicators and conditions to determine when to buy and sell assets. Here is a breakdown of its main components: populate_indicators function: Populates the indicators for the given dataframe using different timeframes. Merges informative indicators with the main dataframe.

Calculates derived columns based on the indicators.

populate_buy_trend function: Defines conditions for buying assets based on specific criteria and indicators.

Sets the "buy" column to 1 for the rows that meet the buying conditions. populate_sell_trend function: Defines conditions for selling assets based on a specific sell trend indicator. Sets the "sell" column to 1 for the rows that meet the selling conditions. Miscellaneous calculations: Calculates a normalized value based on the rolling minimum and maximum of a given column. Calculates a normalized value based on the range between two values. Performs calculations for Heikin-Ashi candlestick charting, including smoothing the data. Returns the result: Returns the modified dataframe or a specific column as the result. Overall, this strategy combines different indicators and conditions to generate buy and sell signals for trading assets. The specific criteria and indicators used may vary depending on the implementation and customization of the strategy.

stoploss: -0.275
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 23dfd3379451224f2afc8872a6f80ca5acbcf8adb29cd22aa6b4c47a08c155d2
fan_magnitude close ProfitMargin1 senkou_a position_adjustment_enable
HA_Close sell_signal tenkan_sen HA_High volume
ProfitLoss2 leading_senkou_span_a retries date close
ema55 pump_period btc_threshold high pHSL
weekly_close_avg chikou_span trend_close_1h pump_strength_2 pump_pause_duration
weekly_close_avg_1h antipump_threshold rsi_1h pump_strength sell_trend_indicator
atr buy_threshold trend_open_8h ema_slow trend_open_6h
trend_close_6h Smooth_HA_C HA_OpenHA_Closelow USDTBUSDUSDCDAITUSDPAXUSDE

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