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The "ichiV1_Marius" strategy is a trading strategy that involves multiple steps and indicators. Here is a short description of what the strategy does: Populating Indicators: The strategy starts by populating various indicators using the provided dataframe and metadata. Informative data for 1-hour timeframe is obtained using the "informative_1h_indicators" function and merged into the main dataframe.

Normal timeframe indicators are calculated using the "normal_tf_indicators" function.

Informative data for 15-minute timeframe is obtained using the "informative_15m_indicators" function and merged into the main dataframe.

Unnecessary columns are dropped from the dataframe. Additional columns related to weekly close average offset, price tests, pump price tests, pump dump alerts, and buy eligibility are added to the dataframe. Check Buy Condition: The strategy retrieves the analyzed dataframe for the specified pair and timeframe. If the dataframe is empty, it returns False. If the current rate is greater than the last closing price in the dataframe, it calculates the slippage percentage. If the slippage is less than the maximum allowed slippage, it returns True; otherwise, it returns False. Populating Buy Trend: The strategy defines conditions for a buy signal based on various indicators and parameters. It checks for conditions related to BTC safety, pump strength, buy eligibility, and volume. If the "tesla_enabled" parameter is set to True, additional conditions related to Tesla are checked. If the conditions are met, the "buy" column in the dataframe is set to 1. Populating Sell Trend: The strategy defines conditions for a sell signal based on the provided sell trend indicator. If the conditions are met, the "sell" column in the dataframe is set to 1. Helper Functions: The strategy includes some helper functions for calculating normalized values, percent changes, and Heikin-Ashi candlestick data. Overall, the strategy utilizes a combination of technical indicators, market data, and predefined conditions to determine buy and sell signals for trading.

Biased Indicators
stoploss: -0.275
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 7a94b34b41067fb3bb08151f43b4360b6c280e1dba32bb2efe84b51eb94a1f7c
fan_magnitude close ProfitMargin1 senkou_a position_adjustment_enable
HA_Close sell_signal tenkan_sen HA_High volume
ProfitLoss2 leading_senkou_span_a retries date close
ema55 pump_period btc_threshold high pHSL
weekly_close_avg chikou_span trend_close_1h pump_strength_2 pump_pause_duration
weekly_close_avg_1h antipump_threshold rsi_1h pump_strength sell_trend_indicator
atr buy_threshold trend_open_8h ema_slow trend_open_6h
trend_close_6h Smooth_HA_C HA_OpenHA_Closelow USDTBUSDUSDCDAITUSDPAXUSDE

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