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Downloaded: 20220116
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The DevilStra strategy is a trading strategy implemented as a class that inherits from the IStrategy interface. It includes the following methods: populate_indicators: This method is responsible for populating indicators on the given DataFrame. It takes a DataFrame and metadata as input and returns the modified DataFrame.

populate_buy_trend: This method populates the buy signals on the DataFrame based on specific conditions.

It retrieves the necessary parameters for the buy signals, such as indicators, crossed indicators, operators, and numeric values, and generates conditions accordingly.

The conditions are appended to a list, and if any conditions exist, the DataFrame is updated with a value of 1 in the 'buy' column where all the conditions are satisfied. The modified DataFrame is then returned. populate_sell_trend: This method populates the sell signals on the DataFrame using similar logic as the populate_buy_trend method. It retrieves parameters for sell signals, generates conditions, appends them to a list, and updates the DataFrame with a value of 1 in the 'sell' column where all the conditions are met. The modified DataFrame is returned. Overall, the DevilStra strategy uses indicator-based conditions to generate buy and sell signals on the given DataFrame. It provides flexibility in defining multiple indicators and conditions for generating signals, allowing for the backtesting of various trading strategies.

stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 1h
hash(sha256): e0df1edfb16db01922a518576a4a405a2f85bca953d358d1545e726975f29160
sell_crossed_indicator2 indicator_trend_sma sell_operator2 crossed_indicator sell_crossed_indicator1
sell_real_num1 indicator buy_indicator1 buy_real_num2 buy_indicator0
sell_operator1 sell_indicator2 volume buy_operator0 sell_indicator1
buy_indicator2 sell_indicator0 sharp_indicator buy_crossed_indicator2 sell_crossed_indicator0
buy_operator2 buy_real_num1 buy_crossed_indicator1 buy_operator1 sell_real_num0
buy_crossed_indicator0 sell_operator0 sell_real_num2 buy_real_num0

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