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The DevilStra strategy is a trading strategy implemented as a class that inherits from the IStrategy class. This strategy aims to generate buy and sell signals based on a set of conditions. In the populate_indicators method, the strategy doesn't make any modifications to the input dataframe and simply returns it as is.

The populate_buy_trend method is responsible for populating the buy signals in the dataframe.

It retrieves the current whitelist of pairs and determines the index of the current pair being processed.

It then checks the length of the buy spells (a list of parameters) and compares it to the length of the whitelist. If the whitelist is longer, it displays a message indicating that the strategy needs to be re-optimized and exits the program. Next, it retrieves the specific buy parameters for the current pair from the buy spells list. It then generates a set of conditions based on the buy indicators, crossed indicators, operators, and real numbers specified in the parameters. These conditions are appended to a list. Finally, if there are any conditions, the corresponding rows in the dataframe are marked with a value of 1 in the 'buy' column. The populate_sell_trend method follows a similar process as the populate_buy_trend method, but it generates sell signals based on sell parameters instead. Overall, the DevilStra strategy analyzes various indicators and conditions to determine when to generate buy and sell signals for a given trading pair.

stoploss: -0.28
timeframe: 4h
hash(sha256): 7da4f77619dd51e4b747cb02e2abd853055d24863d3ef5d36bbeafbfd5a453e8
sell_crossed_indicator2 indicator_trend_sma sell_operator2 crossed_indicator sell_crossed_indicator1
sell_real_num1 indicator buy_indicator1 buy_real_num2 buy_indicator0
sell_operator1 sell_indicator2 volume buy_operator0 sell_indicator1
buy_indicator2 sell_indicator0 sharp_indicator buy_crossed_indicator2 sell_crossed_indicator0
buy_operator2 buy_real_num1 buy_crossed_indicator1 buy_operator1 sell_real_num0
buy_crossed_indicator0 sell_operator0 sell_real_num2 buy_real_num0

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