Strategy: ClucHAnix_BB_RPB_MOD_2
Downloaded: 20220415
Stoploss: -0.15

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Ninja Score: 65
The ClucHAnix_BB_RPB_MOD strategy is a trading strategy that involves the following indicators and conditions: Indicators: Heikin-Ashi candles are calculated based on the provided dataframe, resulting in columns for open, close, high, and low prices. Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) with different time periods (8, 14, and 26) are calculated. Simple Moving Average (SMA) with a time period of 15 is calculated.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) is calculated with different time periods (4, 14, and 20).

Commodity Channel Index (CTI) is calculated using the close price with a length of 20.

Stochastic Fast Oscillator (STOCHF) is calculated with parameters (5, 3, 0, 3, 0). Average Directional Index (ADX) is calculated. Bollinger Bands are calculated with a window size of 40 and 2 standard deviations. Two sets of Bollinger Bands are calculated using different price calculations. Other derived columns are calculated, such as price deltas, Heikin-Ashi close deltas, and tail lengths. Additional indicators like EWO, Fisher Transform, Rate of Change Ratio, and informative pairs' data (BTC/USDT) are also included. Buy Conditions: The strategy defines various conditions for initiating buy signals. Some key conditions include: BTC safety check: Ensures the percentage change between BTC/USDT pairs in 1 day is greater than a specified threshold and volume is non-zero. Pump strength check: Checks if the strength of price pump is below a certain threshold. Lambo 1 and 2: Conditions involving exponential moving averages and RSI limits. Local uptrend: Checks for a local uptrend based on moving average differences, Bollinger Bands, and other factors. NFI 32: Conditions based on RSI, simple moving average, and CTI values. EWO 1 and low: Conditions based on RSI, EMA offsets, EWO values, and moving averages. COFI: Conditions based on EMA, Stochastic Fast Oscillator, and ADX values. Please note that this is a brief overview of the strategy, and the exact details and interactions between indicators and conditions may require further analysis.

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stoploss: -0.15
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 7edb8271959f76c22855e1df4b70db09a3728d1b199aa5fc0487998e671176f1
upper local_trend_bb_factor lambo1_ema_14_factor close cofi_ema
bb_lowerband lambo1_rsi_4_limit lambo2_rsi_4_limit volume rsi_4
date close ha_closedelta clucha_bbdelta_close rsi_14
bb_upperband2 high ewo_low_offset ema_8 ewo_low_enabled
antipump_threshold pump_strength ha_high cofi_enabled adx
ema_slow ema_26 ewo_candles_buy local_trend_enabled ewo_high
ewo_low rsi_20 bbdelta bb_middleband2 cofi_fastk
cofi_ewo_high nfi32_cti_limit closedelta zema_30 ema_fast
ha_open sma_15 nfi32_sma_factor cofi_

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