Strategy: ClucHAnix_BB_RPB_HO2
Downloaded: 20220113
Stoploss: -0.99
The ClucHAnix_BB_RPB_HO2 strategy is a trading strategy that involves various technical indicators and conditions to determine buy signals. Here is a brief explanation of what the strategy does: Indicator Calculation: Calculates Heikin-Ashi candles based on the input dataframe. Calculates Exponential Moving Averages (EMAs) of different periods (8, 14, 26).

Calculates Simple Moving Average (SMA) with a period of 15.

Calculates Relative Strength Index (RSI) with different periods (4, 14, 20).

Calculates Commodity Channel Index (CTI) with a length of 20. Calculates Stochastic Fast (fastk and fastd). Calculates Average Directional Index (ADX). Calculates Bollinger Bands (mid and lower) with a window size of 40 and 2 standard deviations. Calculates Bollinger Bands (bb_lowerband2, bb_middleband2, bb_upperband2) using a different method. Calculates various delta and tail values based on price and Bollinger Bands. Informative Data: Fetches data for an informative timeframe (1 hour). Calculates Heikin-Ashi candles for the informative data. Calculates Rate of Change Ratio (ROCR) for the informative data. Additional Data: Fetches data for the BTC/USDT pair for different timeframes (1 minute and 1 day). Calculates Zero Lag Exponential Moving Averages (zema) with periods 30 and 200. Calculates the pump strength based on the difference between zema_30 and zema_200. Buy Signal Conditions: The strategy checks various conditions to generate buy signals based on the calculated indicators and additional data. Conditions include BTC safety, pump safety, lambo1, lambo2, local uptrend, nfi_32, ewo_1, ewo_low, cofi, and clucHA. Each condition appends a corresponding tag to the 'buy_tag' column in the dataframe. The strategy uses a combination of moving averages, oscillators, volume analysis, and Bollinger Bands to identify potential buying opportunities. The specific parameter values for each condition are not provided in the code snippet.

stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 634a4ca04069dedc56dd259e88e43d044524d93c8eb5e195162dc154691c51dc
upper local_trend_bb_factor lambo1_ema_14_factor close cofi_ema
bb_lowerband lambo1_rsi_4_limit lambo2_rsi_4_limit volume rsi_4
date close ha_closedelta clucha_bbdelta_close rsi_14
bb_upperband2 high ewo_low_offset ema_8 ewo_low_enabled
antipump_threshold pump_strength ha_high cofi_enabled adx
ema_slow ema_26 ewo_candles_buy local_trend_enabled ewo_high
ewo_low rsi_20 bbdelta bb_middleband2 cofi_fastk
cofi_ewo_high nfi32_cti_limit closedelta zema_30 ha_open
sma_15 nfi32_sma_factor cofi_fastd low

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