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The BB_RTR strategy is a trading strategy that utilizes various technical indicators to identify buying opportunities in the market. Here are the key components of the strategy: Indicators: Bollinger Bands (window=20, stds=2 and stds=3): Used to determine the volatility and potential price levels. CCI (Commodity Channel Index): Calculated with different lengths to gauge the momentum and overbought/oversold conditions.

RMI (Relative Momentum Index): Calculated with different lengths and a momentum factor to identify price reversals.

STOCHRSI (Stochastic RSI): Calculates the Stochastic RSI values for fastk and fastd.

CTI (Cumulative Trading Index): Measures the accumulation/distribution of prices over a specific length. CMF (Chaikin Money Flow): Measures the buying and selling pressure based on the accumulation/distribution of volume. MFI (Money Flow Index): Identifies overbought/oversold conditions based on the relationship between price and volume. EMA (Exponential Moving Average): Calculated with various time periods to assess the trend direction. HMA (Hull Moving Average): A moving average with reduced lag to determine the trend. VWAPB (Volume-Weighted Average Price Bands): Calculates the upper, middle, and lower bands based on volume-weighted prices. RSI (Relative Strength Index): Calculates the RSI values for different time periods. EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator): Measures the difference between a 50-period and a 200-period EMA. STOCHF (Stochastic Fast): Calculates the Stochastic Fast values for fastk and fastd. ADX (Average Directional Index): Measures the strength of the trend. Additional Calculations: Heikin Ashi: Converts the price data to Heikin Ashi format, which smooths out the price movements. Typical Price: Calculates the typical price using the Heikin Ashi format. Williams %R: Calculates the Williams %R indicator for a specific period. Moving Averages: Calculates various simple moving averages (SMA) for different time periods. Rate of Change (ROCR): Measures the percentage change in price over a specific time period. Volume: Calculates the rolling mean of volume over different periods. Top Percent Change: Measures the percentage change in price from the highest price over different periods. Momentum Divergence: Calculates buy and sell signals based on momentum divergence. Merge Informative Pair: Combines the main timeframe data with informative data from a higher timeframe. Buy Conditions: Pump 1: Checks if the current price is above a certain factor of the rolling maximum price over 48 periods. Pump 2: Checks if the current price is above another factor of the rolling maximum price over 48 periods. Pump 3: Checks if the current price is above a certain factor of the rolling maximum price over 48 periods and also above a factor of the rolling maximum price over 288 periods. The strategy aims to identify potential buying opportunities based on the combination of these indicators and conditions.

startup_candle_count : 400
rsi_84: 0.309%
rsi_112: 0.839%
EWO: 0.086%
rsi_42_1h: -0.001%
ema_200_1h: 0.078%
stoploss: -1
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): cb984e5d3d0777596de5a88223faa966412a49e47f312c38b136092e41a4f31d
upper close high_offset_2 vwap_upperband volume_mean_12
rsi_fast volume ema_20 ha_closedelta momdiv_coh
bb_upperband2 volume_mean_24 high tpct_change_2 ema_8
cci bb_lowerband3 rsi_1h momdiv_col ha_high
adx ema_12 ema_slow ema_26 cti_40_1h
bb_width_1h bb_lowerband2_40 bb_upperband2_40 vwap_width sma_21
momdiv_buy bb_middleband2 r_84_1h closedelta sma_15
ha_open volume_mean_4 ema_20_1h ema_24 cmf
rmi_length_val hma_50 vwap lower rsi
cti_40 momdiv_sell vwap_middleband bb_middleband3 bb_upperband3

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