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The BB_RPB_TSL_RNG_TBS_GOLD strategy is a trading strategy that utilizes various technical indicators to generate buy signals. Here is a brief description of what the strategy does: The strategy first populates the required indicators, including Bollinger Bands with different standard deviations, CCI (Commodity Channel Index), RMI (Relative Momentum Index), Stochastic RSI, moving averages (SMA and EMA), CTI (Cumulative Trading Index), Williams %R, volume mean, and EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator). It then defines conditions for the buy trend based on the populated indicators.

The conditions include checking for price dips (determined by RMI, CCI, and Stochastic RSI), price breakouts (determined by Bollinger Bands width and delta), local uptrends (determined by EMA crossovers and differences), and EWO values.

If the conditions for any of the defined buy trends are met, a buy signal is generated.

Overall, the strategy combines multiple indicators to identify potential buying opportunities based on different market conditions.

stoploss: -0.049
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 0b857657679defa2d935f2eaf32b743add0e681ed3ce1668096878195bba08f1
upper bb_middleband3 bb_upperband3 btc_1d EWO
btc_5m ema_13 close high_offset_2 btc_info_
cci_length_val USDTBUSDUSDCDAITUSDPAXUSDEURGBP fastk rsi_fast ma_sell_val
srsi_fk r_14 bb_middleband2 volume srsi_fd
cci_long closedelta bb_bottom_cross high_offset open
bb_delta btc_diff fastd btc_threshold buy_tag
sma_15 bb_upperband2 high volume_mean_4 mid
bb_width ema_8 ema_16 cci rmi_length_val
base_nb_candles_sell hma_50 bb_lowerband3 buy cti
sma_9 ema_100 adx lower ema_12
sma_30 stake_currency rsi_sl

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