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The strategy, named "CombinedBinHAndCluc," is a backtesting strategy for trading. Here is a brief description of what the strategy does: It uses the Bollinger Bands indicator to identify potential buy signals. Bollinger Bands consist of a moving average line (rolling mean) and upper and lower bands that are a certain number of standard deviations away from the moving average.

The strategy has two parts: "BinHV45" and "ClucMay72018," which are combined to generate trading signals.

In the "BinHV45" part, the strategy looks for specific conditions, such as the lower band being greater than zero, the difference between the middle line and lower band being above a certain threshold, the difference between consecutive closing prices being above a certain threshold, and the tail of the candlestick being within a certain range.

If these conditions are met, a buy signal is generated. In the "ClucMay72018" part, the strategy checks if the closing price is below the slow exponential moving average, below a certain percentage of the lower Bollinger Band, and if the volume is below a certain multiple of the previous mean volume. If these conditions are met, a buy signal is generated. The strategy also includes informative indicators from a higher timeframe (1 hour) to enhance the decision-making process. There is no specific sell signal mentioned in the code provided, but there seems to be a condition for selling based on the angle of certain indicators and their relationship to each other. Overall, the strategy combines different indicators and conditions to generate buy signals based on Bollinger Bands and other technical analysis tools. It uses a combination of the current timeframe (5 minutes) and an informative timeframe (1 hour) to make informed trading decisions.

stoploss: -0.03
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): b444d7d1c1d37c58b9cdd20b3160b184fe39e35019fc1bddb601eef7251b8037
close tail bb_lowerband bbdelta fastk
volume rfastk closedelta lr_middle fastd
volume_mean_slow mid angle rfastd angle_1h
atr lower bb_middleband ema_slow low

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