Strategy: flawless_lambo
Downloaded: 20220113
Stoploss: -0.1

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The "flawless_lambo" strategy is a backtesting trading strategy that uses various indicators and signals to make buy and sell decisions in the financial markets. Here's a brief description of what the strategy does: It first populates several technical indicators such as Bollinger Bands, On Balance Volume (OBV), Volume Price Confirmation Indicator (VPCI), Williams Percent Range, Average Directional Index (ADX), Plus Directional Indicator (+DI), Minus Directional Indicator (-DI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), and Stochastic Oscillator (FastK, FastD, SlowK, SlowD). It calculates additional metrics such as percentage change, normalized percentage change, and exponential moving average (EMA).

The strategy includes trailing sell functionality, which dynamically adjusts the sell price based on the market conditions and previous trade signals.

When populating the buy trend, it considers specific conditions such as volume, percentage change, and the occurrence of certain candlestick patterns or price levels.

Overall, the strategy aims to generate buy and sell signals based on the combination of these indicators and metrics, optimizing trading decisions in backtesting scenarios.

startup_candle_count : 50
OBV: -68.373%
adx: -3.499%
plus.di: -0.789%
minus.di: 1.068%
rsi: -1.830%
macd: 7.873%
macdsignal: 15.802%
macdhist: -31.360%
stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 30m
hash(sha256): 74f303ec5f46a9cea130ce95ef0044d937cb646f13d8f6500ec689c4e5337565
sell upper asks close perc_norm
williamspercent macdhist fastk slowd volume
perc OBVSlope fastd best_ask bids
macdsignal vpci mid slowk high
macd sell_tag OBV best_bid adx
lower rsi offset runmode low

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