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The FrostAuraM8Strategy is a trading strategy that makes purchase decisions based on the RSI (Relative Strength Index) and the overall performance of the asset from its previous candlesticks. It aims to maximize profit by analyzing the market conditions. Key Features of the Strategy: Minimal ROI: The strategy has predefined minimal return on investment (ROI) targets at different time intervals.

Stoploss: The strategy has an optimal stoploss value to limit potential losses.

Trailing Stoploss: The strategy does not use a trailing stoploss.

Ticker Interval: The strategy is optimized for a 4-hour timeframe. Candle Requirement: The strategy requires at least 30 candles before producing valid signals. Order Types: The strategy uses "market" orders for buying, selling, and stoploss. Order Time in Force: The strategy uses "gtc" (good 'til canceled) time in force for buy and sell orders. Indicators: The strategy uses the RSI indicator to identify buying and selling opportunities. Buy Signal: The strategy generates a buy signal when the RSI is above a certain threshold and the closing price of the asset is above a minimum value. Sell Signal: The strategy generates a sell signal when the RSI is below a certain threshold or the percentage price change between the previous and current candle is above a certain percentage. Please note that this is a brief description of the strategy, and there may be additional details and nuances that are not explicitly mentioned here.

stoploss: -0.02
timeframe: 4h
hash(sha256): 593a0dbe5bf34d735955bc5eb768f929a85652e37f08936a40163437234ed180
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