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The FOttStrategy is a trading strategy that utilizes the OTT (Over Trendline Technology) indicator to generate buy and sell signals. The strategy is implemented as a class that extends the IStrategy interface provided by the Freqtrade library. Here's a breakdown of the important components of the strategy: ROI table: The minimal_roi variable defines the return on investment (ROI) targets for different time periods.

For example, a return of 0.1 (10%) is expected within 0 days, 0.75 (75%) within 30 days, 0.05 (5%) within 60 days, and 0.025 (2.5%) within 120 days.

Stoploss: The stoploss variable specifies the maximum acceptable loss percentage (-26.5%) before triggering a stop loss and exiting a trade.

Trailing stop: The strategy supports a trailing stop feature, which means that the stop loss level will be adjusted upwards as the price increases. The trailing_stop_positive parameter determines the percentage offset for the trailing stop, while trailing_stop_positive_offset sets the offset to prevent premature stop triggering. The trailing_only_offset_is_reached flag indicates whether the trailing stop should only be activated when the offset is reached. Indicators: The populate_indicators function calculates and adds several indicators to the DataFrame used for analysis. These include the OTT (Over Trendline Technology) indicator, the VAR (Variable) indicator, and the Average Directional Index (ADX) calculated using the talib library. Entry and exit signals: The populate_entry_trend function generates entry signals for long and short positions based on the crossing of the VAR and OTT indicators. If the VAR indicator crosses above the OTT indicator, a signal is generated to enter a long position. Conversely, if the VAR indicator crosses below the OTT indicator, a signal is generated to enter a short position. The populate_exit_trend function generates exit signals based on the condition that the ADX value is greater than 60. OTT calculation: The strategy includes a custom implementation of the OTT indicator, which calculates the Upper and Lower OTT values based on the CMO (Chande Momentum Oscillator) and other parameters. The OTT values are used in the entry and exit signal calculations. Please note that this is a brief summary of the strategy's functionality. For a more detailed understanding of how the strategy works and its parameters, further analysis of the code and experimentation with different settings may be required.

stoploss: -0.265
timeframe: 5m
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var adx ott

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