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The "degen" strategy is a backtesting strategy for trading. Here is a short description of what the strategy does: Timeframe: 1 minute Can short: Yes Indicators: Pivot Points (R1) Stochastic Fast (fastd and fastk) Entry conditions: Short entry: Close price is below 31,000 and above 29,600 Stochastic Fast (fastd and fastk) values are above 80 Volume is greater than 0 Long entry: Close price is above 28,000 and below 29,600 Stochastic Fast (fastd and fastk) values are below 20 Volume is greater than 0 Exit conditions: Exit long position when volume is 0 Risk management: Stoploss: -0.338 (real value to be optimized) Trailing stop: False Trailing stop positive: 0.02 Trailing stop positive offset: 0.03 Trailing only offset is reached: False Profit targets: Minimal ROI (Return on Investment): 0% ROI at 0 candles 26.4% ROI at 88 candles No ROI at 163 candles Additional features: Process only new candles: True Use exit signal: True Exit profit only: False Ignore ROI if entry signal: False Startup candle count: 50 Order types: Entry: Market order Exit: Market order Stoploss: Market order Stoploss on exchange: False Order time in force: Entry: Good 'til canceled (gtc) Exit: Good 'til canceled (gtc) Protections: Cooldown period: 1 candle Leverage and stake amount: Leverage and custom stake amount are not defined in the provided code. Please note that some values, such as stoploss and ROI, are placeholders and need to be optimized during the backtesting process.

stoploss: -0.338
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 90391b2d130e2db1c8188041d24cfb082bf44ecf60824aba6a87fe64fd987d21
volume Dimension enter_long enter_tag close
pivot fastd enter_short enter_tag fastk

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