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The DefaultStrategy class is a trading strategy that utilizes various technical analysis (TA) indicators to make buy and sell decisions. It implements three main functions: populate_indicators, populate_buy_trend, and populate_sell_trend. The populate_indicators function takes a DataFrame containing raw data from the exchange and adds several TA indicators to it.

The indicators used include ADX (Average Directional Index), MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), MINUS_DI, PLUS_DI, RSI (Relative Strength Index), STOCHF (Stochastic Fast), Bollinger Bands, EMA (Exponential Moving Average), and SMA (Simple Moving Average).

Each indicator is calculated and added as a new column to the DataFrame.

The populate_buy_trend function populates the "buy" column of the DataFrame based on the values of the TA indicators. The buy conditions are defined as follows: RSI is less than 35 Stochastic Fast (fastd) is less than 35 ADX is greater than 30 PLUS_DI is greater than 0.5 OR ADX is greater than 65 PLUS_DI is greater than 0.5 If any of these conditions are met, the "buy" column is set to 1 for the corresponding row. Similarly, the populate_sell_trend function populates the "sell" column based on the TA indicators. The sell conditions are defined as follows: RSI crosses above 70 OR Stochastic Fast (fastd) crosses above 70 AND ADX is greater than 10 MINUS_DI is greater than 0 OR ADX is greater than 70 MINUS_DI is greater than 0.5 If any of these conditions are met, the "sell" column is set to 1 for the corresponding row. Overall, the DefaultStrategy class calculates a set of TA indicators, determines buy and sell signals based on the indicator values, and marks the corresponding rows in the DataFrame with 1 in the "buy" and "sell" columns. This strategy can be used for backtesting different trading scenarios on the website.

stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 219c65f3917f11e0cbe7ae0e5f48a5a7894e6a8f46e822a3352d2ed66cbd9688
macdsignal upper adx minus_di lower
mid fastk bb_middleband rsi macd
bb_lowerband bb_upperband plus_di fastd ema10
macdhist sma

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