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The strategy described in the code is a trading strategy that uses various indicators and conditions to determine entry and exit points for trades. Here is a breakdown of what the strategy does: The populate_indicators function is responsible for calculating and adding several indicators to the input dataframe. These indicators include moving averages (sma_15), commodity trend index (cti), relative strength index (rsi), Heikin Ashi candlestick values (ha_open, ha_close, ha_high, ha_low), Bollinger Bands (lower, mid), and others.

The strategy retrieves informative data from a different timeframe (inf_tf) using self.dp.get_pair_dataframe and merges it with the current dataframe using the merge_informative_pair function.

Additional indicators such as exponential moving averages (ema_8, ema_16, ema_12, ema_26), average directional index (adx), and stochastic fast (fastd, fastk) are calculated and added to the dataframe.

Bollinger Bands are calculated again using a different method (bollinger2) and their upper, middle, and lower bands are added to the dataframe. The width of the Bollinger Bands is also calculated. Rolling mean volumes (volume_mean_12, volume_mean_24, volume_mean_4) are calculated and added to the dataframe. The populate_entry_trend function defines the conditions for entering a trade. It checks various criteria such as the EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator) indicator, Bollinger Bands, exponential moving averages, and closes prices to determine if a buy signal should be generated. The populate_exit_trend function is responsible for defining the conditions for exiting a trade. In the provided code, it sets the exit_long and exit_tag values to indicate that the long position should be closed. The current_profit function is used to determine the appropriate exit action based on the current profit of a trade. It checks the profit value, the "fastk" indicator, and the time elapsed since the trade was opened to decide whether to sell or continue holding the position. Overall, this strategy uses a combination of technical indicators and conditions to generate entry and exit signals for trading.

stoploss: -0.25
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 9e94c151ea91716df5994b0e0dc97886231fb8ce1780abf677fa8b3c1d35ebe0
rocr_1h upper ha_low ema_13 close
tail exit_long exit_tag bb_lowerband volume_mean_12
bbdelta fastk rsi_fast bb_middleband2 volume
closedelta rocr open fastd ha_open
sma_15 bb_upperband2 volume_mean_24 high volume_mean_4
mid ema_8 ema_16 bb_width ha_close
cti ha_high adx lower rsi_slow
ema_12 bb_middleband rsi ema_slow ema_26
low bb_lowerband2

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