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The "bis" strategy is a trading strategy implemented in the Freqtrade bot. It is designed to backtest and execute trades on a given cryptocurrency exchange. Here is a short description of what the strategy does: It sets a minimal return on investment (ROI) for the strategy, but the value is not specified in the provided code.

The stoploss is set at -0.1, indicating that if the price of a trade goes down by 10%, it will trigger a stop-loss and sell the asset.

The ticker interval is set to '1h', indicating that the strategy operates on 1-hour candlestick data.

The strategy uses the 'market' order type for buying, selling, and setting stop-loss orders. The time in force for buy and sell orders is set to 'gtc' (good 'til canceled), indicating that the orders remain active until executed or manually canceled. The strategy also includes the following methods: informative_pairs(): Returns a list of additional pair/interval combinations that provide informative data but are not tradeable. populate_indicators(dataframe, metadata): Adds technical analysis (TA) indicators to the given dataframe, including: entry-bis and exit-bis: These are custom indicators based on price conditions that help determine entry and exit points for trades. sma (Simple Moving Average): Calculates a 40-period SMA on the closing prices of the asset. populate_buy_trend(dataframe, metadata): Populates the 'buy' column in the dataframe based on the strategy's buy conditions, which include the entry-bis indicator. populate_sell_trend(dataframe, metadata): Populates the 'sell' column in the dataframe based on the strategy's sell conditions, which involve the sma indicator and a comparison with the closing prices. Please note that the provided code snippet is incomplete and lacks information on the minimal_roi value. Additionally, the strategy's functionality may depend on external libraries such as talib and freqtrade.

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stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 1h
hash(sha256): 50c1194ebe0ca24690458ba080b041b701e3751f15d604e8b6637a867c679530
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