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The BBRSIOptimizedStrategy is a trading strategy that uses the Bollinger Bands (BB) and the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicators to generate buy and sell signals. Here is a brief explanation of how the strategy works: The strategy calculates the RSI and Bollinger Bands for the given timeframe (15 minutes). The RSI is used as a signal for buying and selling.

A buy signal is generated when the RSI is greater than 38 and the closing price is below the lower Bollinger Band (2 standard deviations below the moving average).

A sell signal is generated when the RSI is greater than 88 and the closing price is above the middle Bollinger Band.

The strategy sets a minimal ROI (return on investment) for the trades, which specifies the desired minimum profit for each trade. The stoploss parameter is also defined, which represents the maximum acceptable loss for a trade. The strategy includes a trailing stoploss feature, which is currently disabled. The strategy requires at least 30 candles (periods of the given timeframe) before generating valid signals. The strategy uses limit orders for buying and selling, and market orders for stoploss. The strategy provides a plot configuration that visualizes the Bollinger Bands and RSI indicators. Overall, the BBRSIOptimizedStrategy aims to identify potential buying opportunities when the price is relatively low compared to the lower Bollinger Band and the RSI indicates a positive momentum. Similarly, it aims to identify potential selling opportunities when the price is relatively high compared to the middle Bollinger Band and the RSI indicates a negative momentum.

stoploss: -0.282
timeframe: 15m
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