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The "adx_opt_strat" strategy is a trading strategy that uses several technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals. Here is a breakdown of what the strategy does: Indicators used: ADX (Average Directional Index): Measures the strength of a trend. PLUS_DI and MINUS_DI: Calculate the directional movement of the price.

SAR (Stop and Reverse): Identifies potential reversal points in the price.

MOM (Momentum): Measures the rate of change in the price.

Buy Signal: The strategy generates a buy signal when the following conditions are met: Momentum (MOM) is negative. MINUS_DI is greater than 48. PLUS_DI is less than MINUS_DI. Sell Signal: The strategy generates a sell signal when the following conditions are met: Momentum (MOM) is positive. MINUS_DI is greater than 48. PLUS_DI is greater than MINUS_DI. Risk Management: Minimal ROI (Return on Investment): Specifies the minimum desired return for the strategy. Stoploss: Sets the optimal stop loss level for the strategy. Trailing Stoploss: Activates a trailing stop loss feature. Trailing Stop Positive: Sets the offset for the trailing stop loss. Ticker Interval: The strategy is designed to work with 1-minute interval data. Overall, the strategy aims to capture trends in the market by considering the strength of the trend, directional movement, momentum, and reversal points. It generates buy and sell signals based on the defined conditions and incorporates risk management measures to protect against potential losses.

stoploss: -0.327
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