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This trading strategy, called "adaptive," aims to identify buying opportunities in the market. Here's a short description of what the strategy does: The strategy uses various indicators to make decisions. Some of the indicators used are MAMA, FAMA, KAMA, CTI (a custom indicator), Williams %R, and RSI.

The strategy first calculates the MAMA, FAMA, and KAMA indicators based on price data.

It also calculates the CTI indicator and the Williams %R indicator.

To identify a buying opportunity, the strategy looks for specific conditions in the data. These conditions include: The KAMA value is greater than the FAMA value, and the FAMA value is greater than the MAMA value. The Williams %R value is below -82. The difference between MAMA and FAMA is less than -0.019 relative to the average price. The CTI value is below -0.82. The price has increased by at least 5% in the last 48 periods. The price has increased by at least 12.5% in the last 288 periods. The RSI values (calculated with different time periods) are below 60. If all the conditions are met, the strategy generates a buy signal. The strategy does not specify any specific sell conditions, leaving it open for further customization.

startup_candle_count : 50
mama: -1.574%
fama: -24.156%
mama_diff: -16548.047%
stoploss: -0.109
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): cdd8b92058357f9cad23f9a55bda61617d8852a199efa27ca4fc184a1f9de0a4
hl2 high rsi_112 mama_diff kama
close rsi_84 fama mama low
mama_dif cti r_14

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