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The Strategy001_custom_sell strategy is designed for backtesting trading strategies. Here is a brief description of what this strategy does: It uses various technical analysis indicators such as exponential moving averages (EMA), Heikin Ashi bars, and the relative strength index (RSI) to make buy and sell decisions. The strategy aims to achieve a minimal return on investment (ROI) by setting specific target levels for different time periods.

The minimal ROI values are defined in the minimal_roi attribute of the strategy.

A stop loss is implemented to limit potential losses.

The stop loss value is set in the stoploss attribute of the strategy. The strategy operates on a 5-minute timeframe. It does not use a trailing stop loss. The populate_indicators function calculates various indicators such as EMAs, Heikin Ashi bars, and RSI for the given dataframe. The populate_buy_trend function generates buy signals based on the crossover of EMAs, the closing price being above the EMA20, and the Heikin Ashi bar being green. The populate_sell_trend function generates sell signals based on the crossover of EMAs, the closing price being below the EMA20, and the Heikin Ashi bar being red. The custom_sell function implements a custom selling condition. It sells the asset if the RSI is greater than 70 and the current profit is positive. Overall, this strategy combines technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals, with specific ROI and stop loss targets, aiming to optimize trading performance on a 5-minute timeframe.

startup_candle_count : 50
rsi: 1.737%
stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): a826f21cc567c5e11ef75aca97a4f186028051a0c8fd57c9ad2b0215239a77bd
ema20 ema100 close ha_close rsi
open ema50 ha_open

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