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Stoploss: -0.3

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The strategy you shared is called "RalliV1". Here is a breakdown of its main components: Importing Libraries: The required libraries are imported, including the Freqtrade strategy interface, various indicators, and utility functions. Buy and Sell Hyperparameters: The hyperparameters for buying and selling are defined in the buy_params and sell_params dictionaries, respectively.

These parameters control the conditions for entering and exiting trades.

EWO Indicator: The EWO function calculates the Elliott Wave Oscillator (EWO) indicator using the ta.EMA function from the talib library.

RalliV1 Strategy Class: The strategy is implemented as a class that inherits from the IStrategy interface provided by Freqtrade. Strategy Parameters: Various strategy parameters are defined, including ROI (Return on Investment) targets, stop loss, SMA offsets, protection mechanisms, trailing stop, and sell signal options. Custom Entry and Exit Conditions: The strategy defines custom functions for confirming trade entries (confirm_trade_entry) and determining trade exits (custom_sell and custom_stoploss). These functions use technical indicators and conditions to make decisions. Indicator Calculation: The populate_indicators function is responsible for calculating all the required indicators used by the strategy. This includes moving averages, RSI (Relative Strength Index), and the EWO indicator. Buy Signal Calculation: The populate_buy_trend function determines the conditions for buying based on the calculated indicators. Multiple conditions are checked, and a "buy tag" is assigned to each buy signal. Sell Signal Calculation: The populate_sell_trend function determines the conditions for selling based on the calculated indicators. Again, multiple conditions are checked, and a corresponding sell signal is generated. Overall, the strategy combines various technical indicators such as moving averages, RSI, and the EWO to identify potential buying opportunities. It also includes sell conditions based on different combinations of indicators. The strategy aims to achieve specific ROI targets while implementing stop loss and protection mechanisms to manage risk.

stoploss: -0.3
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 7be0c968086f70326095e780d21735d65ed6c71d676a270cad711997b7f3d65b
rsi_buy EWO ewo_high ewo_low high_offset_2
close ewo_high_2 ema_9 rsi_fast ma_sell_val
ema_14 ma_buy_val volume low_offset high_offset
low_offset_2 date buy_tag base_nb_candles_buy hma_9
rsi_buy_2 base_nb_candles_sell hma_50 sma_9 ema_100
rsi_slow rsi low

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