Strategy: GodStra_410
Downloaded: 20220117
Stoploss: -0.345
The "GodStra" strategy is a backtesting strategy implemented as a class that inherits from the "IStrategy" class. It consists of three main methods: "populate_indicators," "populate_buy_trend," and "populate_sell_trend." The "populate_indicators" method takes a DataFrame containing financial data and adds technical indicators to it using the "add_all_ta_features" function. These indicators include open, high, low, close prices, and volume.

The DataFrame is then returned with the added indicators.

The "populate_buy_trend" method is responsible for populating the buy signals in the DataFrame.

It iterates over a range determined by the size of the buy parameters. For each iteration, it checks various conditions based on the buy parameters. These parameters include the operator (OPR), the indicator (IND), the cross (CRS), an integer (INT), and a real number (REAL). Depending on the operator, different conditions are evaluated, such as greater than (">"), equal to ("="), less than ("<"), crossed above ("CA"), crossed below ("CB"), greater than integer (">I"), equal to integer ("=I"), less than integer ("R"), equal to real ("=R"), and less than real ("

stoploss: -0.345
timeframe: 12h
hash(sha256): d9bc20bd031edcfb854795084e3390dcb3308aecd28ccd895024984da055a272

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