Strategy: FreqSignalsWebhookDataProvider
Downloaded: 20221114
Stoploss: -0.03

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The FreqSignalsWebhookDataProvider strategy is designed to generate trading signals based on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicator and submit them as webhooks. Here's a breakdown of its functionality: The strategy uses the Freqtrade framework and implements the IStrategy interface. The minimal_roi variable defines the minimum return on investment required for a trade to be considered successful.

In this case, it is set to 0.05 (5%).

The stoploss variable sets the maximum acceptable loss for a trade, which triggers an exit.

Here, it is set to -0.03 (-3%). The timeframe variable determines the timeframe used for data analysis. In this strategy, it is set to 5 minutes. The plot_config variable configures the plot visualization for the strategy, including the main plot and subplots, such as the RSI plot. The populate_indicators method is responsible for calculating the RSI indicator for the given DataFrame. It adds a new column called 'rsi' to the DataFrame, which contains RSI values calculated over a time period of 14. After calculating the RSI, the method constructs a JSON message containing the symbol, RSI value, time-to-live duration, dataset ID, price, and the last price movement. This message is sent as a webhook using the send_msg method of the dp object. The populate_entry_trend and populate_exit_trend methods are used to determine the entry and exit signals for trades. In this strategy, no actual trades are made, and these methods simply assign values of 0 to the 'enter_long' and 'exit_long' columns in the DataFrame, respectively. Overall, the strategy calculates the RSI indicator, sends the RSI value as a webhook, and generates entry and exit signals without actually executing trades. It serves as a tool for analyzing and monitoring trading signals based on RSI.

startup_candle_count : 50
rsi: 3.796%
stoploss: -0.03
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 52f70a8a1c5a04d69ceed3264c03ebde76860f7e7c524a4547abea28f28e494b
exit_long enter_long rsi

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