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The ElliotV3 strategy is a trading strategy that aims to generate profits by identifying buying and selling opportunities in the market. Here is a breakdown of how the strategy works: The strategy is implemented as a class called "ElliotV3" that extends the "IStrategy" interface. The strategy uses various technical indicators, including Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), Elliott Wave Oscillator (EWO), and Relative Strength Index (RSI).

The strategy has predefined parameters for buying and selling, which can be optimized during backtesting.

These parameters include the number of candles for calculating moving averages, offsets for determining buy and sell prices, EWO thresholds, and RSI levels.

The strategy defines a minimal ROI table, which represents the desired return on investment at different time intervals. A stop-loss mechanism is implemented with a predefined percentage value. The strategy uses trailing stop and sell signals to manage the selling of assets. The trailing stop allows the strategy to lock in profits as the price moves in the desired direction. The strategy operates on the 5-minute timeframe and gathers additional information from the 1-hour timeframe. Informative pairs are used to provide additional data for analysis. The strategy calculates various indicators, such as moving averages, EWO, and RSI, using the provided data. The "populate_buy_trend" method identifies buy signals based on specific conditions involving the close price, moving averages, EWO, RSI, and volume. The "populate_sell_trend" method identifies sell signals based on conditions involving the close price, moving averages, and volume. The strategy also provides a custom function called "EWO" (Elliott Wave Oscillator) that calculates the EWO value based on the provided dataframe and specified EMA lengths. Overall, the ElliotV3 strategy combines multiple technical indicators and predefined parameters to generate buy and sell signals. It aims to capture profitable trading opportunities by analyzing price movements and market trends.

stoploss: -0.274
timeframe: 5m
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