Strategy: EMABounce_2
Downloaded: 20230102
Stoploss: 0
The EMABounce strategy is a trading strategy that uses various technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals. Here's a breakdown of what the strategy does: The populate_indicators function adds several technical indicators to the given DataFrame. These indicators include: RSI (Relative Strength Index) MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence) Bollinger Bands Exponential Moving Average (EMA) Simple Moving Average (SMA) SAR (Stop and Reverse) The populate_entry_trend function populates the buy signal based on the calculated indicators.

The buy signal conditions include: Volume is greater than 0 MACD histogram is greater than or equal to 0 (if enabled) EMA angle crossed above 0 EMA difference is greater than 0 The populate_exit_trend function populates the sell signal based on the calculated indicators.

The sell signal conditions include: EMA angle crossed below 0 Close price is greater than EMA EMA difference is greater than or equal to a negative threshold (sell difference) The strategy uses these indicators and conditions to determine the optimal times to enter and exit trades.

Please note that the code provided is incomplete, and there may be additional parts to the strategy that are not included.

stoploss: 0
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): c04b1f2111a986e31e71bfa4d1b752df180cc62795467d4bad84b150d18732a3
upper close bb_lowerband bb_percent macdhist
sma volume ema_dif sar ema_diff
macdsignal ema mid ema_angle bb_width
macd lower bb_middleband rsi bb_upperband

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