Strategy: Discord_strat3
Downloaded: 20220726
Stoploss: -0.35

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The strat3 strategy is a trading strategy that utilizes various technical indicators to generate buy and sell signals. The strategy populates a DataFrame with indicators such as SAR (Stop and Reverse), ADX (Average Directional Index), Stochastic Fast, Stochastic Slow, SMA (Simple Moving Average), TEMA (Triple Exponential Moving Average), MFI (Money Flow Index), RSI (Relative Strength Index), EMA (Exponential Moving Average), Bollinger Bands, and volume-related indicators. The buy signal conditions include: The close price is below the 0.997 times the EMA10 and 0.995 times the SMA.

The close price is below the SAR indicator.

The fast %D of Stochastic is greater than the fast %K.

The normalized Fisher RSI is below 15. The volume is greater than 0. The sell signal conditions include: The plus DI (Directional Indicator) is greater than the minus DI. The close price is above 1.03 times the SMA. The normalized Fisher RSI is above 80. The EMA5 is greater than the SMA. The volume z-score is greater than or equal to 2. The strategy also includes timeout values for unfilled buy and sell signals. There are commented-out sections of code that seem to be alternative conditions for triggering buy/sell signals based on trade parameters and time constraints. The strategy provides plot configurations for various indicators and signals, allowing visualization of the strategy's performance. Note: This description is based on the code provided and may not fully capture all aspects of the strategy's functionality.

startup_candle_count : 40
sar: -0.095%
rsi: -0.393%
ema10: 0.001%
plus_dm: -2.945%
plus_di: 3.244%
minus_dm: -0.775%
minus_di: 5.552%
fisher_rsi: -47.304%
fisher_rsi_norma: -1.900%
stoploss: -0.35
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): bfc0bd42e934d45ecd8f8afff3aeda029e6a84eb5715bc7ae9757846076b307f
lowerband htsine upper tema minus_dm
plus_dm close sellsignal mfi bb_lowerband
ema5 fastk macdhist CDLHAMMER htleadsine
sma avolprev5 slowd leadsine volume
blower vol_mean plus_di fastd ema10
volz sar vol_std buysignal slowk
macdsignal fisher_rsi buysignalcount ema100 fisher_rsi_norma
cci macd avolprev20 adx minus_di
lower rsi sellsignalcount ao bb_upperband
sine ema50

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