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The TTF (Tradingview Heikin Ashi Smoothed V4) strategy is designed for backtesting trading strategies. It utilizes the Heikin Ashi Smoothed V4 indicator from Tradingview. Here's a brief explanation of how the strategy works: The strategy uses candlestick data on a 5-minute timeframe for trading signals.

It also fetches additional information from the 1-hour timeframe to enhance the analysis.

The main idea behind the strategy is to identify buying and selling opportunities based on the TTF (Tradingview Heikin Ashi Smoothed V4) indicator.

The TTF indicator is calculated using the high and low prices of the candles. It measures the difference between the maximum buy power and the minimum sell power over a specified length of time. When the TTF value crosses below a lower trigger threshold and the trading volume is positive, a buy signal is generated. Conversely, when the TTF value crosses above an upper trigger threshold and the trading volume is positive, a sell signal is generated. The strategy incorporates a minimal ROI of 10% and a stop loss of -0.9 to manage risk. Trailing stop loss functionality can be enabled, with an offset for positive trades. Please note that this is a simplified description of the strategy, and additional parameters and calculations may be involved in the actual implementation.

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