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The ShaneBitty strategy is a trading strategy designed for backtesting purposes. Here's a short description of what it does: The strategy uses various indicators, including Exponential Moving Average (EMA) and Relative Strength Index (RSI), to generate buy and sell signals. It operates on a 5-minute timeframe.

For buying, the strategy looks for specific conditions: the RSI value crosses below a predefined threshold (rsiBuy), and the shorter EMA crosses above the longer EMA.

When these conditions are met, a buy signal is generated.

For selling, the strategy considers two conditions: the RSI value crosses above a predefined threshold (rsiSell), and the trading volume exceeds a specified value (volVal). When both conditions are satisfied, a sell signal is generated. The strategy also defines a minimal return on investment (ROI) table, which specifies the expected returns at different time intervals. Additionally, it sets a stop loss at -0.348, meaning that if the trade reaches a loss greater than or equal to this value, it will be stopped. The strategy utilizes parameter spaces for optimization, allowing different values for the EMA lengths and RSI periods to be tested during backtesting. Overall, the ShaneBitty strategy aims to capitalize on price movements based on the interactions between EMA and RSI indicators, generating buy and sell signals accordingly.

stoploss: -0.348
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 10d7c3f2820438d82799e6e013e7c9c881f2c675fc9122ab3e1e28fadf26e9c3

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