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The NFIV6HYPER strategy is a trading strategy that aims to identify buying opportunities in the market. Here is a breakdown of what the strategy does: The populate_indicators method is responsible for populating the necessary indicators for the strategy. It merges informative data from the 1-hour timeframe and normal timeframe, filling any missing values.

The populate_buy_trend method determines the conditions for buying assets.

It checks various buy protection conditions based on indicators such as moving averages (ema), close prices, relative strength index (rsi), money flow index (mfi), and volume.

The strategy consists of three buy conditions, each with its own set of buy protections and logic. The conditions are evaluated using boolean operations (and, or) and stored in separate variables (buy_01_logic, buy_02_logic, buy_03_logic). For each buy condition, the strategy appends the respective trigger values (buy_01_trigger, buy_02_trigger, buy_03_trigger) to the DataFrame based on the evaluated logic. The conditions list collects all the buy triggers for further evaluation. The strategy can enable or disable each buy condition independently (buy_condition_1_enable, buy_condition_2_enable, buy_condition_3_enable). Overall, the strategy combines various technical indicators and conditions to identify potential buying opportunities in the market.

stoploss: -1
timeframe: 5m
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