Strategy: Discord_3_Ichi_trigger_v2
Downloaded: 20220727
Stoploss: 0
The error message you provided indicates a KeyError with the key 'tenkan_sen_1h' when trying to access the dataframe. This error occurs in the populate_buy_trend function of your Ichi_trigger_v2 strategy. The problem arises because you are trying to access the 'tenkan_sen_1h' column in the dataframe, but it seems that this column has not been populated or does not exist.

This can happen if the column was not created during the indicator population or if there is a typo in the column name.

To fix this issue, you should check the following: Ensure that the 'tenkan_sen_1h' column is properly created and populated in the do_indicators or populate_indicators function.

Double-check the spelling and make sure it matches the column name you are trying to access. Verify that the informative_timeframe variable is set correctly to '1h' in the Ichi_trigger_v2 class. Make sure that the data used for backtesting contains the necessary information to calculate the 'tenkan_sen_1h' indicator. It's possible that the required data is missing or not available for the specified timeframe. By addressing these points, you should be able to resolve the KeyError and access the 'tenkan_sen_1h' column without errors.

stoploss: 0
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 3cc5a3fd1e13913d50dd02bb21347a8cedbeb1930e9153f1e722dfcd93554ec7
kijun_sen tenkan_sen_1h bs_pic_sig runmode pic_l_s_trig

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