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The "Precognition" strategy is designed to backtest trading strategies using a dual moving average crossover approach. It calculates two exponential moving averages (EMA) based on the specified fast and slow periods. The strategy generates buy signals when the fast EMA crosses above the slow EMA.

The strategy parameters include the fast and slow periods for both buying and selling, as well as additional parameters for fine-tuning the buy signals, such as the buy push and buy shift.

The buy push parameter adjusts the sensitivity of the buy signals, while the buy shift parameter introduces a delay in the buy signals.

The strategy also includes a minimal return on investment (ROI) table, which specifies the desired returns at different stages of the trade. Additionally, a stop loss is implemented to limit potential losses. Furthermore, a trailing stop is employed to protect profits. The trailing stop is activated when the positive threshold is reached, and it keeps adjusting the stop level as the price increases, ensuring that profits are locked in. The strategy uses the 5-minute timeframe for analysis and relies on the Simple Moving Average (SMA) indicator from the TA-Lib library. However, in the given code, the strategy does not populate any indicators or define any buy conditions, so it needs further implementation to be functional.

stoploss: -0.194
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 8d036ec97f27f63a6889c933b7e10087a0419c1b41ca35ea5549567a76bc5d26
sell_ema_slow buy_ema_slow sell_ema_fast buy_ema_fast

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