Strategy: Discord_1_Mean1h
Downloaded: 20220727
Stoploss: -0.075
The "Mean1h" strategy is designed for backtesting trading strategies on 1-hour candlestick data. Here's a brief description of what the strategy does: Indicator Calculation: Calculates the 'typical' price using the qtpylib library. Calculates the simple moving average (SMA) of the 'typical' price over a window of 10 periods.

Calculates the daily mean price based on the rolling minimum and maximum values of the 'typical' price over a period of 12 hours.

Calculates various exponential moving averages (EMAs) including EMA5, EMA20, EMA50, and EMA100.

Calculates the average directional index (ADX) and the money flow index (MFI). Buy Signal: Generates a buy signal when the following conditions are met: The EMA50 is greater than the EMA100. The EMA20 is greater than the EMA50. The 'daily_mean' crosses below the 'typical_sma'. Sell Signal: Generates a sell signal when the 'daily_mean' crosses above the 'typical_sma'. The strategy also includes settings for stop loss, trailing stop, and ROI (return on investment). The minimal ROI is set to 0.1, and the stop loss is set to -0.075. Please note that this description provides a high-level overview of the strategy's key components and may not include all the details and intricacies of the code.

Traceback (most recent call last): File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/main.py", line 42, in main return_code = args['func'](args) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/commands/optimize_commands.py", line 58, in start_backtesting backtesting.start() File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/optimize/backtesting.py", line 1401, in start min_date, max_date = self.backtest_one_strategy(strat, data, timerange) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/optimize/backtesting.py", line 1322, in backtest_one_strategy preprocessed_tmp = trim_dataframes(preprocessed, timerange, self.required_startup) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/data/converter/converter.py", line 156, in trim_dataframes trimed_df = trim_dataframe(df, timerange, startup_candles=startup_candles) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/freqtrade/freqtrade/data/converter/converter.py", line 135, in trim_dataframe df = df.iloc[startup_candles:, :] ~~~~~~~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexing.py", line 1147, in __getitem__ return self._getitem_tuple(key) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexing.py", line 1656, in _getitem_tuple return self._getitem_tuple_same_dim(tup) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexing.py", line 994, in _getitem_tuple_same_dim retval = getattr(retval, self.name)._getitem_axis(key, axis=i) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexing.py", line 1691, in _getitem_axis return self._get_slice_axis(key, axis=axis) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexing.py", line 1726, in _get_slice_axis labels._validate_positional_slice(slice_obj) File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexes/base.py", line 4196, in _validate_positional_slice self._validate_indexer("positional", key.start, "iloc") File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexes/base.py", line 6637, in _validate_indexer self._raise_invalid_indexer(form, key) File "/home/ftuser/.local/lib/python3.11/site-packages/pandas/core/indexes/base.py", line 4306, in _raise_invalid_indexer raise TypeError(msg) TypeError: cannot do positional indexing on RangeIndex with these indexers [116.0] of type float
stoploss: -0.075
timeframe: 1h
hash(sha256): e9020274f5588cabab62acdedc87a503ba951f69e5bdf94ca936a193187c0717
adx typical_sma daily_mean typical ema20
ema100 mfi ema5 ema50 ma300

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