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The strategy implemented in this backtesting website is called "CombinedBinHAndCluc." It combines elements from two different strategies: BinHV45 and ClucMay72018. Here is a brief description of what the strategy does: The strategy uses Bollinger Bands to identify potential buy signals. It calculates the rolling mean and standard deviation of the stock prices and then determines the lower band by subtracting a specified number of standard deviations from the rolling mean.

It also calculates additional indicators such as 'bbdelta' (the absolute difference between the mid Bollinger Band and the lower band), 'closedelta' (the absolute difference between the current close price and the previous close price), and 'tail' (the absolute difference between the close price and the low price).

For the BinHV45 strategy, the buy signal conditions are: The lower band from the Bollinger Bands should be greater than zero.

The bbdelta should be greater than 0.8% of the close price. The closedelta should be greater than 1.75% of the close price. The tail should be less than 25% of the bbdelta. The close price should be lower than the previous lower band. The close price should be less than or equal to the previous close price. For the ClucMay72018 strategy, the buy signal conditions are: The close price should be lower than the exponential moving average (ema_slow). The close price should be less than 98.5% of the lower Bollinger Band (bb_lowerband). The volume should be less than 20 times the previous average volume (volume_mean_slow). The strategy uses a simple sell signal condition: if the close price is higher than the middle Bollinger Band (bb_middleband), a sell signal is generated. The strategy defines a minimal return on investment (ROI) of 5% and a stop loss of 5%. The strategy operates on 5-minute timeframe candles and uses market orders for buying and selling. It also specifies that the strategy should process only new candles and requires at least 50 startup candles before generating signals. The strategy allows for a maximum of 2 open trades at a time and supports emergency sell, force buy, force sell, and stop loss functionality. Please note that this is a simplified description, and there may be additional details and considerations within the strategy implementation.

stoploss: -0.05
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 3219eb72f0583d174eb4746f6d75ff64b490634853991a843866a3867ad7ee64
mid lower volume close bb_middleband
closedelta tail ema_slow bb_lowerband low
volume_mean_slow bbdelta

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