Strategy: CombinedBinHAndClucHyperV0
Downloaded: 20220117
Stoploss: -0.1

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The CombinedBinHAndClucHyperV0 strategy is a combination of two different trading strategies: BinHV45 and ClucMay72018. Here's a brief description of what the strategy does: Populate Indicators: This step calculates and adds various indicators to the input dataframe, including Bollinger Bands, moving averages, and volume-related indicators. These indicators serve as inputs for the buy and sell conditions of the strategy.

Populate Buy Trend: In this step, the strategy determines the buy signals based on the defined conditions for both the BinHV45 and ClucMay72018 strategies.

The conditions include comparisons between different indicators and predefined thresholds.

If any of the conditions are met, a buy signal is generated. Populate Sell Trend: Here, the strategy determines the sell signals based on a specific condition. If the closing price of the asset exceeds the Bollinger Bands' middle band, a sell signal is generated. The strategy combines multiple technical indicators and conditions to generate buy and sell signals for backtesting purposes.

stoploss: -0.1
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 1f9bfbc3e5ead0693dc39113707711284f79561b7df5a03de00011c76bb9a4f3
lower_x mid lower volume bb_middleband_x
closedelta_x volume_mean_slow_x bb_middleband_sell_bb_middleband_window close bbdelta_x
bb_lowerband_buy_b_time_window ema_slow_x date low ema_slow_buy_b_ema_slow
bb_lowerband_x tail_x

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