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The CofiBitStrategy is a trading strategy implemented in Python that is designed to be used for backtesting purposes on a trading platform or website. The strategy uses technical analysis indicators to generate buy and sell signals for trading. Here is a breakdown of how the strategy works: Indicators: Stochastic Fast (STOCHF): Calculates the fast %K and %D values.

EMA (Exponential Moving Average): Calculates the moving averages of the high, close, and low prices.

ADX (Average Directional Index): Calculates the trend strength.

Buy Signal: The strategy generates a buy signal when the following conditions are met: The opening price is below the EMA low. The fast %K line crosses above the fast %D line. The fast %K and %D values are below 30. The ADX value is above 30. Sell Signal: The strategy generates a sell signal when either of the following conditions are met: The opening price is equal to or above the EMA high. Either the fast %K or %D values cross above 70. The strategy also defines the following attributes: minimal_roi: Defines the minimum desired return on investment (ROI) for the strategy. stoploss: Defines the optimal stop-loss level for the strategy. timeframe: Specifies the optimal timeframe for the strategy. Overall, the CofiBitStrategy aims to identify potential buying opportunities when certain technical indicators align and to sell when the price reaches a certain level or when the fast %K or %D values indicate overbought conditions. Please note that this is a simplified description of the strategy, and there may be additional complexities or considerations not mentioned here.

stoploss: -0.25
timeframe: 5m
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