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The BreakEven strategy is a simple strategy designed to close positions quickly without waiting for specific profit targets. It aims to sell everything that is already in profit and waits until positions that are at a loss reach the break-even point or a small predefined profit level. The strategy has the following features: It sets the "minimal_roi" attribute, which defines the profit levels at which positions should be closed.

In this strategy, it starts with a minimum of 1% profit and after 10 minutes, it sells everything regardless of the profit.

The "stoploss" attribute is set to -0.05, indicating an optimal stop-loss level of 5% to limit potential losses.

The "timeframe" attribute is set to '5m', indicating that the strategy operates on 5-minute candlestick data. The strategy does not generate any buy or sell signals. All decisions are made based on the predefined profit levels and stop-loss. The "populate_indicators" function does not add any indicators to the dataframe. It simply returns the original dataframe. The "populate_buy_trend" and "populate_sell_trend" functions do not populate any buy or sell signals. They set all values to 0, indicating that no action should be taken. Overall, the BreakEven strategy aims to close profitable positions quickly while waiting for losing positions to reach a break-even point or a small predefined profit level. It does not rely on specific buy or sell signals but rather on predefined profit and stop-loss levels.

stoploss: -0.05
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): b3c4e84617aae0101d40888a8ce0c29fcb078d2c29aeeb5d2dc7495e72915b83

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