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The BreakEven strategy is designed to quickly close positions in a trading bot to avoid losses. It does this by selling everything that is already in profit and waiting for positions at a loss to reach the break-even point or a small profit specified in the ROI (Return on Investment) table. The strategy has the following key features: It sets the minimal_roi attribute to specify the profit levels at which to sell positions.

In this case, it initially sells positions that have at least a 1% profit and after 10 minutes, it sells everything regardless of profit.

It sets the stoploss attribute to -0.05, indicating the optimal stop loss level for the strategy.

The timeframe is set to '5m', indicating that the strategy operates on 5-minute intervals. The populate_indicators method is overridden to return the original dataframe without any additional indicators. The populate_buy_trend and populate_sell_trend methods are overridden to return dataframes with no buy or sell signals. Overall, the BreakEven strategy focuses on quickly closing profitable positions and waiting for losing positions to reach a break-even point or a small profit before closing them. It does not generate any buy or sell signals but relies on the predefined profit levels and stop loss for decision-making.

stoploss: -0.05
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 3950c4cbe2ab91296295c748e419570805f8538fa0d8d52195c83a81aef1a735

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