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The BreakEven strategy is designed to close positions as soon as possible without leaving them open for a long time. It aims to sell everything that is already profitable and wait for positions that are at a loss to reach the break-even point or a small profit specified in the ROI (Return on Investment) table. The strategy works by overriding the minimal_roi attribute, which defines the desired ROI levels.

In this case, it starts with a minimum ROI of 1% and after 10 minutes, it sells everything regardless of profit.

Alternatively, more radical versions can be used, such as selling everything above the profit level or selling regardless of profit.

The strategy also sets an optimal stop loss of -5% and operates on a 5-minute timeframe. It doesn't generate any buy or sell signals but relies solely on the ROI and stop loss for position management. By using this strategy, the aim is to quickly close profitable positions and avoid prolonged waiting for specific profit targets, allowing for faster decision-making and potentially minimizing losses.

stoploss: -0.05
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 8ebcd502377eeaeb73c5831c5bac745ef373c21d3e821bef760f6338a4c6b031

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