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The strategy, called "BinHV45," is a backtesting strategy for trading. It uses Bollinger Bands as one of its indicators to generate buy signals. Here's a breakdown of how the strategy works: The strategy calculates Bollinger Bands using the closing price of the stock.

Bollinger Bands consist of a middle band (rolling_mean) and a lower band (rolling_mean - (rolling_std * num_of_std)).

The strategy defines various parameters for buying and selling.

The buy_params are set to {'bbdelta': 11, 'closedelta': 15, 'tail': 25}, indicating specific thresholds for the buy conditions. The strategy sets a minimal ROI (Return on Investment) table, specifying the expected returns at different time intervals. A stoploss value of -0.13348 is set, indicating the maximum acceptable loss before selling. The strategy enables trailing stop, which adjusts the stop-loss level as the price moves in favor of the trade. The trailing_stop_positive and trailing_stop_positive_offset parameters control the trailing stop behavior. The timeframe is set to '1m', indicating that the strategy operates on 1-minute candlestick data. The strategy defines the populate_indicators() function, which calculates additional indicators based on the Bollinger Bands, such as 'bbdelta' (the absolute difference between the middle and lower bands), 'pricedelta' (the absolute difference between the open and close prices), 'closedelta' (the absolute difference between the close prices of consecutive candlesticks), and 'tail' (the difference between the close price and the lowest price). The populate_buy_trend() function generates buy signals based on specific conditions. These conditions include checking if the lower band is positive, if 'bbdelta' is greater than a threshold (11/1000 of the close price), if 'closedelta' is greater than another threshold (15/1000 of the close price), if 'tail' is less than a fraction (25/1000) of 'bbdelta', and if the current close price is lower than the previous lower band and the previous close price. The populate_sell_trend() function, in this case, does not generate any sell signals. This strategy uses Bollinger Bands and specific conditions to identify potential buying opportunities in the market. It sets a stop-loss level and allows for trailing stops to protect profits.

stoploss: -0.133
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 56dc716444e18d144b7f9c7c9ed26067e3b09231e6fa8d42a77015ca94f274eb
sell mid lower pricedelta close
closedelta tail open low bbdelta

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