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The BinHV45 strategy is a trading strategy that uses Bollinger Bands as its main indicator. Bollinger Bands consist of three lines: the upper band, the middle band (or moving average), and the lower band. The strategy aims to generate buy signals based on specific conditions.

Here's a breakdown of the strategy: The strategy calculates the Bollinger Bands using a 40-day window and 2 standard deviations.

It populates additional indicators such as 'bbdelta' (the absolute difference between the middle and lower bands), 'pricedelta' (the absolute difference between the open and close prices), 'closedelta' (the absolute difference between the current and previous close prices), and 'tail' (the absolute difference between the close price and the lowest price within the same candlestick).

The strategy defines three parameters for buying: 'buy_bbdelta', 'buy_closedelta', and 'buy_tail'. These parameters are used in the buy signal conditions. The buy signal conditions are as follows: The lower band in the previous candlestick is greater than zero. 'bbdelta' is greater than a percentage of the current close price ('buy_bbdelta' parameter). 'closedelta' is greater than a percentage of the current close price ('buy_closedelta' parameter). 'tail' is less than a percentage of 'bbdelta' ('buy_tail' parameter). The current close price is less than the previous lower band. The current close price is less than or equal to the previous close price. The sell signal conditions are not implemented in this strategy. Overall, the BinHV45 strategy aims to identify buying opportunities when the price moves outside the Bollinger Bands and meets certain criteria based on the 'buy_bbdelta', 'buy_closedelta', and 'buy_tail' parameters. However, it does not provide any sell signals, leaving the selling decision to be implemented separately.

stoploss: -0.05
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