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The strategy implemented in this code is called "BinHV45." It is a trading strategy that uses Bollinger Bands to identify buying opportunities in the stock market. Here's a breakdown of what the strategy does: The strategy calculates Bollinger Bands, which consist of a rolling mean and upper/lower bands based on a given window size and number of standard deviations. The strategy populates several indicators using the calculated Bollinger Bands and other price data, such as the difference between the mean and lower band, price delta, close delta, and tail.

In the buy trend population step, the strategy identifies specific conditions for entering a buy position.

These conditions include: The lower Bollinger Band is positive in the previous period.

The difference between the mean and lower band exceeds a threshold (close * 0.008). The close delta exceeds a threshold (close * 0.0175). The tail (difference between close and low) is less than a fraction of the Bollinger Band difference (bbdelta * 0.25). The close price is lower than the previous lower band and lower than the previous close price. The sell trend population step does not provide any sell signals. Overall, the BinHV45 strategy aims to capture buying opportunities when specific conditions align with Bollinger Bands and price movements.

stoploss: -0.05
timeframe: 1m
hash(sha256): 3df55b7bdb49a1601145cefa8163d3ac15a1d9fd85da6f9923e339301b9cd656
sell mid lower pricedelta close
closedelta tail open low bbdelta

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