Strategy: BinHModWhiteHOV0
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The BinHModWhiteHOV0 strategy is a trading strategy that uses various indicators to generate buy and sell signals. Here is a brief explanation of what the strategy does: In the populate_indicators method, the strategy calculates and adds several indicators to the input dataframe, including: 'bottom' and 'top': the minimum and maximum values of the 'open' and 'close' prices. Bollinger Bands: calculates the lower, middle, and upper bands using a 40-day window and 2 standard deviations.

'bbwidth': the width of the Bollinger Bands as a percentage of the middle band.

'space': the rolling mean of 'bbwidth' over a 60-day period.

'bbdelta': the absolute difference between the middle band and the lower band of the Bollinger Bands. 'bottomdelta': the absolute difference between the current 'bottom' value and the previous 'bottom' value. 'topdelta': the absolute difference between the current 'top' value and the previous 'top' value. 'tail': the absolute difference between the current 'bottom' value and the 'low' price. In the populate_buy_trend method, the strategy generates buy signals based on the following conditions: If the shorter-term exponential moving average ('ema_trend') is greater than the longer-term exponential moving average ('ema_slow'). If the longer-term exponential moving average ('ema_slow') is increasing over a specified number of periods ('ema_rise'). If the EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator) indicator is above a certain threshold ('ewo_high'). If additional conditions related to Bollinger Bands, 'bottom', 'bbdelta', 'tail', 'bottomdelta', 'topdelta', and 'volume' are met. In the populate_sell_trend method, the strategy generates sell signals based on the condition that the closing price is above a certain offset ('high_offset') multiplied by the middle band value, and the 'volume' is positive. Overall, the strategy combines multiple technical indicators and conditions to identify potential buying and selling opportunities in the market.

startup_candle_count : 500
Recursive Analysis found no issues while using 500 startup_candle_count
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stoploss: -0.3
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 9ec3fc495e9d3db61ee69d4ce07746fe0780173419d3a6b3dfe4dfa526ae88dd
upper ewo_high close tail bbwidth
bbdelta volume high_offset open ema_trend
ema_rise mid bb_bottom_delta_dif bb_width open
close ewo_step ewo_base bottomdelta bb_delta_dif
bb_top_delta_dif lower bb_tail_dif top ema_slow
low bottom space topdelta

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