Strategy: BBMCE2
Downloaded: 20230809
Stoploss: -0.99
The BBMCE2 trading strategy is implemented as a class that inherits from the IStrategy class. It involves several technical indicators and conditions to determine entry and exit points for trading. Here's a brief overview: Indicator Calculation (populate_indicators method): Moving Averages: Calculates Simple Moving Average (SMA) with periods 15.

Relative Strength Index (RSI): Calculates RSI with periods 14, 4, and 20.

Average Directional Index (ADX): Computes ADX.

Stochastic Oscillator: Computes fast %K and %D values using Stochastic indicator with a window of 14. Custom Trend Index (CTI): Calculates a custom trend index using a rolling mean of the close price. Other indicators like TEMA, PLUS_DI, MINUS_DI, MFI, EMA, Williams %R, EWO (Elliott Wave Oscillator), etc., are computed. Entry Conditions (populate_entry_trend method): Multiple conditions are checked for different trading scenarios, including COFI, EWO, and NFI_32. For each condition met, an associated tag is added to the 'enter_tag' column. If any of the conditions are met, the 'enter_long' column is set to 1, indicating a potential entry. Exit Conditions (populate_exit_trend method): Exit conditions are determined, including a fast %K crossover. Similar to the entry conditions, an associated tag is added to the 'exit_tag' column for each condition met. If any exit condition is satisfied, the 'exit_long' column is set to 1, indicating a potential exit. Leverage Calculation (get_leverage method): This method calculates the proposed leverage based on the 'leverage_num' parameter. The strategy appears to involve a combination of various technical indicators and their respective threshold-based conditions to determine potential entry and exit points. These conditions consider factors like moving averages, oscillators, trend indices, and more to make trading decisions. Please note that while this description provides an overview of the strategy's functionality, the actual effectiveness of the strategy can only be determined through thorough backtesting and evaluation.

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stoploss: -0.99
timeframe: 5m
hash(sha256): 993b48fcec8e97f3acb7e3db20c84ec41428bb0cbb0d771aa7c16ebca4b3f68d
upper EWO pct_change_int_short ispumping close
cti_mean pct_change_short plus_dibad mfi isshortpumping
pct_change fastk rsi_fast r_14 bb_middleband2
hlc3 open plus_di fastd open_ok
sma_15 pct_change_int bb_upperband2 islongpumping lambo2cti
high fast_d mid ewobad bb_width
ema_8 ema_16 TEMA buy buy_tag
cti roc_1h recentispumping adx roc
lower rsi_slow minus_di rsi fast_k
low bb_lowerband2 bb_width_1h

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